Studio ANRK


We are a small team of passionate thinkers and builders, exploring how realtime and virtual production technologies can produce revolutionary new creative entertainment and products. Our work encompasses complete productions and pure thought experiments, and we are continuously building.
We believe that great stories can surround you, involve you, and challenge you. That immersive products and experiences will merge the physical and digital worlds in completely new ways. And that the most powerful stories told in the most engaging way have the potential to change the world.
Main Clients: Snap Inc, Google, Disney, Nike, MIT, UNHCR, The Guardian, and others.
We are based in Los Angeles and London.

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Experiential & Digital immersive

An augmented reality art app that brings some of Hieronymus Bosch’s most iconic characters out of the canvas where he painted them 500 years ago, and into your world. Built-in Unity on ArKit, ArCore, and using’s depth-occlusion sdk.

Partners: Roll Studio

BVLGARI WebVR Experience

Experiential & Digital immersive

For Roman Treasures experience we created an ultra-luxe version of Google Street View, allowing users to take a nighttime stroll through Rome’s most iconic locations with 5 extremely high-detail, 360 environments to explore, each showing the influence on BVLGARI collections.

Partner: UNIT9

BECAUSE OF YOU - Virtual Human (Unreal Engine)

Experiential & Digital immersive

A virtual human controlled in real-time by an actor using an iPhone. Built-in Unreal Engine, and using Fortnite technology, this experience pushes the limits of realistic, human characters that can respond to and talk with real people.

Partners: UNIT9

PRIUS PROTOTYPES - Interactive Installation

Experiential & Digital immersive

For the new Prius, we set out to create three technology experiments, each invented to show off a different feature of the car, and all using a complex mix of technological challenges. All visual effects were done in-camera, without any post-production.

Partners: Saatchi LA, UNIT9