London, Milan

We are Comastudio, an eclectic duo of visionaries from different backgrounds and based between London and Milan. We play the creatives game mixing elements from fashion, storytelling and immersive experience.

Together we work on the creativity behind experiential art installations and commercial projects combining art, craft and design; physical and digital; real and unreal.

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Lamborghini Urus - Adaptive Intelligence

Working closely with an Unreal Engine Artist Comastudio collaborated to creatively define this project, and direct and edit an all-cgi advertising film by using real-time tools. The film has been selected by Epic Games and showcased at Build Munich 2019 as part of the best UE4 Automotive Projects 2019.
Credits: Frankie Caradonna (Comastudio): Virtual Film Director & Editor
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Tod’s Touchbar

Experiential & Digital immersive

Magic Touchbar connects objects with technology in a new and smart way, making physical an experience only digital, until now.
The tech tool created for brand Tod’s, and previewed in Paris at Le Bon Marche during the Geek Mais Chic event, is a retail support capable of enhancing product presentation and, at the same time, telling the story of the brand under the sign of two concepts: craftsmanship and technology. The tool allows you to interact, through natural and physical contact with objects, with any video content imaginable, blending in a linear way physical and virtual experience.
Credits: Lucia Emanuela Curzi Art Director, Illustrator, Animation Director (COMASTUDIO)
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The Cabinet of Wonders

Experiential & Digital immersive

An artistic project with a social drive, dedicated to Climate Emergency in which art, science, design and new technologies create a true immersive and synaesthetic installation to be experienced online and offline. We worked on the analogy between the blatant evocation of a ghost by a late 19th century illusionist and the evocation of the ghost of the DIATOMS, using the evolution of a hologram technique in use in the 19th century.
A sculptor was invited to collaborate to the PROLOGUE with his work ARROW, an iron sculpture representing an arrow stretched in equilibrium and pointing towards the hologram of a Diatom, revealing both its fragile microscopic presence and its decisive importance.
The installation thus becomes a dialogue between the sculptor’s physical work and a 3D holographic sculpture, between real and virtual, showing the intermittent vision of an evanescence to be enjoyed not only through sight, but also through sound.
Credits: Comastudio Creative Direction, Artistic Direction.
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Varvaglione Centenary 2021 - Augmented Reality Project

Experiential & Digital immersive

Hand drawn illustrations create a magic world with a distinct materic feeling to celebrate the winery’s centenary through an augmented reality experience. The inspiration comes from the beauty and elegance of nature in this territory. Evoking the aromas and tastes of the wine, a magic moment develops into a voyage of the senses where a cricket, a butterfly and a bumblebee take us through a different dimension, a world of colours, drawings and innovation.
Credits: Comastudio Creative Direction.
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